2023-04-15: Orange tree.

2023-03-19: The streams are starting to thaw and flow.

2023-01-26: Cross country skiing across the wetlands on perfect snow.

2022-11-14: One day I hope to be able to carry a single cable while travelling.

2022-10-14: Daily 8 am walk in Fredericton, what has the crane lifted since yesterday?

2022-10-09: The best time of the year to be out walking in the woods.

2022-09-28: A good time to be arriving at the cabin.

2022-09-13: Sussex hot air ballon festival.

2022-09-10: Small currents and eddies make light patterns on the riverbed.

2022-09-05: Breakfast preparation with a view of the Point Wolfe River.

2022-09-01: Hiking across the Upper Salmon River is always refreshing.

2022-08-27: Springtime hike to Dickinson Falls in Fundy National Park.

2022-08-26: Broken tree

2022-08-25: Deer Island sunset